Made for recycling

Our packaging (pouches)

  • Problem-free, single-variety recyclability (packaging made of one type of plastic)
  • Excellent reusability of the recyclate (material resulting from the recycling process) 
  • Pouches consume 60% less CO2 compared to jars and cans over the entire life cycle1
  • Strong protective properties of the packaging ensure long shelf life and thus minimize food waste
  • Our pouches are made in Europe (CO2 saving)
  • Made for Recycling seal (certified by Interseroh+)


Our packaging (pouches), unlike many other packaging, are made of one type of plastic. If these now arrive at sorting plants of the recycling companies, they no longer have to be separated at great expense. The packaging can be recycled by type without any problems. The recyclate resulting from the recycling process, can be used to manufacture various new products. 

Multi-material packaging, on the other hand, consisting of up to 10 different, firmly adhesive layers, can only be recycled with difficulty or not at all. In the end, the only option is often to incinerate the packaging. A large amount of CO2 is released and limited resources are not used efficiently. 

Recycling Symbol

“Made for Recycling” Seal

The recyclability of our packaging has been verified by the environmental and recycling service provider Interseroh+ using scientific methods. The pouches are eminently recyclable and have therefore been awarded the prestigious “Made for Recycling” seal. 


Even though our packaging is fully recyclable, the production process consumes natural resources and emits CO2. To compensate, our packaging manufacturer supports the organization K.R.A.K.E., which collects waste from nature. With your purchase you also support the active liberation of nature from waste. 

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1GermanInstitute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) on behalf of Flexible Plastics Europe (FPE), 2021: Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of different pouches and alternative packaging systems for food (Pasta Sauce and Olives) on the European market.