Organic Spirulina – vegan source of protein and iron

Spirulina – also called “Arthrospira platensis” – is a blue-green cyanobacterium that has existed on earth for 3.5 billion years. It is the precursor of microalgae. Cyanobacteria are so named because they do not yet have a nucleus, whereas microalgae such as Chlorella already do. Spirulina contains a large cocktail of different colored pigments, such as green chlorophyll or blue phycocyanin – these are used by the algae for the Photosynthesis. What makes green spirulina so interesting is the high protein content of about 65%, the high nutrient density of vitamins + minerals and the iron content, which covers up to one third of the daily requirement. Spirulina is an ideal food for vegans, however, contains virtually no Iodine. The World Health Organization (WHO) gave Spirulina the title “Food of the Future”. Discover now our organic spirulina powder and our organic spirulina tablets as a high quality dietary supplement.

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Organic Spirulina with high protein content

Well-known sources of protein are meat, sausage, milk and dairy products, all animal products that are known not to be eaten in excess. Half of all daily protein intake should come from plant sources, e.g. potatoes, legumes, cereals or even additionally from green spirulina. Proteins are responsible in the body for the regulation of metabolism, the control of hormones, for the repair and formation of new cells, for the defense of the immune system through antibodies, and they are important for energy production. For a body weight of 70 kg, about 60 g of protein should be eaten per day. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in order to be labeled “high protein” or “high in protein”, at least 20% of the total calorific value of a food must be accounted for by the protein content. Our Organic Spirulina Powder has 3.3 grams of protein at a recommended daily intake of 5g, or about 66% of the total calorific value. Our organic Spirulina tablets have a protein content of 3 grams at a recommended daily intake of 3×4 tablets, i.e. 63% of the total calorific value. Hereby, our organic spirulina powder and tablets meet the criteria of the EFSA for a food with high protein content.

Organic Spirulina as a natural source of iron

Iron is a trace element that – as the name suggests – occurs in the body in trace amounts. However, this in no way diminishes its importance for a healthy metabolism, on the contrary. Iron is important and (vital) for many bodily functions. It contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and is a central element in the transport of oxygen into the cells. It supports brain performance and contributes to the normal development of children’s perceptive abilities. Iron deficiency is still one of the most common deficiency symptoms. Women up to menopause, children and adolescents in the growth phase, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and vegans are particularly affected.

Iron deficiency can occur:

  • If there is too little iron in the diet, e.g. no meat is eaten (meat is the No. 1 source of iron)
  • with a vegan diet
  • if there is increased loss (e.g. due to menstrual bleeding)
  • or the need is increased (e.g. during pregnancy).

In the EU, the recommended daily intake of iron has been set at 14 milligrams. This is the amount that an average person should consume daily to meet the need for iron. Our organic spirulina powder is a natural source of iron. Each daily serving (5 grams) contains 2.8 mg of iron, which is 20% of the recommended daily intake. Our organic spirulina tablets also serve as a natural source of iron. Per serving (4.8 grams), 4.4 mg of iron are contained. This corresponds to 31% of the recommended daily dose.

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